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    Actually, this prison planet was a copy of original Earth, brought (copied) in the jungle world, called TEEGEAK (many English spellings are possible, the name come from the cry of one of the more common types of dinosaur)  Therefore here is Earth copy in the tropical world, planet Teegeak  There were more copies of Earth planet, many thereof (which incl Lemuria, Atlantis in them etc)

    Other alike confirmation on Earth name at that time 75 (million Power? years ago) >  TEEGEEACK, or "planet of sorrow"   

    More on prison plane-T here transcript of Airl interview (Airl on Prison Planet) > 


    The location of this planet is generally described as A6 DYX4,679,124,871 E0B_


    >  The Minion Implant  (materials in preparation - admin)


    There are planets throughout the galaxy where people have been sent because they didn't fit into the social order  Those in conflict with very tight social orders, can be classified as follows: (1) criminals, (2) tax cheaters, (3) sexual deviates, (4) political revolutionaries, (5) creative people, such as artists and inventors, and (6) pisoners of war from intra or inter galactic warfare  These folks that +don't fit in were sent off to prison planets , and before they are sent they were heavily implanted so that they couldn't remember anything  This activity is still going on  There are small between-lives implanting stations on and close by the prison planets, to make sure that everyone stays there and to make sure no one figures out it is a prison  Nobody is allowed to leave, through many supposedly workable methods  People were told all about religion under very heavy pain and duress, and thus the "born again" class of fanaticism is unshakeable, and is not handleable technically except as a heavy engram  They were also told under duress that if they exteriorize and leave planet earth, they will be picked up and beamed back here by a frequency that has been installed on them  Actually, non of that is true, anymore than fanatical religion is  These people are prisoners-unto-themselves, by their own beliefs only  A prison without guards is very cheap to run  You just implant these people with split personalities, to guard themselves, and it works very well  This technique was perfected 212,494,621 years ago, and has been used since, "to ship the trash out of the Galactic Confederation"  earth is one of the prison planets  Therefore we have a sort of unusual society here of about 170 different cultures  


    MERCURY or OPATANAR, 36 million miles from Sun, 3000 miles diameter
    VENUS or PEMUNTAR, 67 million miles from Sun, 7,599 miles diameter
    EARTH or SARAS, 93 million miles from Sun, 3000 miles diameter
    MARS or MASAR, 141,500,000 miles from Sun, 4,200 miles diameter
    JUPITER or YONTAR, 483,400,000 miles from Sun, 88,700 miles diameter
    SATURN or ZENDAR, 886,700,000 miles from Sun, 74,500 miles diameter
    URANUS or LONOPONOR, 1,782,700,000 miles from Sun, 31,566 miles diameter
    NEPTUNE or JINOAR, 2,794,300,000 miles from Sun, 3,199 miles diameter
    PLUTO or OKIPIKIMANARAS, 3,666,100,000 miles from Sun, 1,864 miles diameter
    NI or MONTONANAS, 570,000,000,000 miles from Sun, solid matter, 7,000 miles diameter
    NII or SUVURUTARCAR, 830,000,000,000 miles from Sun, 18,000 miles diameter, hydrogen, ammonia
    NIII or BIKALAMANAR, 1,600,000,000,000 miles from Sun, 46,000 miles diameter, hydrogen, ammonia
    (materials are in preparation - admin)
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