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                                                                                       THE DISCONTINUITY IMPLANT (hypnotic suggestions)
    A "discontinuity" is a sudden unpredicted change in the framework of reality  You are presented with something totally outside of your frame of reference and you get terrified and try to clamp down on reality  As far as I know, true discontinuities do not happen in real world here on Earth, but sometimes you get the discontinuity reaction when something that you didn't believe existed catches you by surprise  However, "real" discontinuities do happen in dreams quite frequently and if you flinch at them with this discontinuity reaction (instead of saying "how neat" and enjoying the change), the dream can shift into a nightmare as you start mocking up horrible things  Horrible discontinuities can also happen in the between lives area where everything is much more mutable  The whole business makes you hang onto mundane reality for dear life, even if the reality is unpleasant and interferes with your ability to change things  

    I got into this one originally because I was trying to handle irrational fear, especially the fear of reality changing or objects moving etc  If you start to move objected psychokenetically, you can sometimes get a knee jerk fear reaction that causes you to clamp down and suppress your own ability and leaves you with a feeling of terror  Its not a fear of the actual motion, but rather it is a fear of something happening to reality, as if you might cause a "discontinuity" and really get in trouble  The basic of this is actually much earlier than the implant  It consists of real incidents of powerful beings sneaking up on each other and suddenly jamming in a major shift of reality  If you can spot early track incidents of having this done to you and doing this to others, you can probably undercut the implant  But I needed to run the implant first before I even realized that we used to do this to each other for fun and games  So here is the platen I run (August, 1990, 8040  Galaxy)

    November 25, 1990, 8040 Galaxy

    This implant probably dates from the Motions universe  It seems to be given as a prize for winning a game

    The implant consists of a series of 64 sub-universes, one for each of the Agreements universe terminals that were used in the subjective terminals section of the agreement definitions  Each of these begins with a hollow subject zooming in at you with a roar  The hollow is really an object with a different 3 dimensional orientation (i.e., it has a direction at right angles to your normal 3 dimensions) and you slightly sense the solid object at the edge (a 2 dimensional hollow) passes around you  As you pass through, you enter into a sub-universe 

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