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    This is the only creation we have ever received from "outside" and it is the only contact we have ever had with the older beings  There have been many false beginnings of the time track that we have implanted in each other during our trap building frenzy  There have also been many true beginnings of track in the various universes in which we have been engaged  But the Jewel of Knowledge is the actual first experience for all of us  Each being's attention was directed to it as they separated from the ultimate static and it was so fascinating that all were drawn in and by the time anyone might have felt like looking outward for something else from outside, we had already sunk too low to penetrate the walls of the trap that we have been encouraged to build for ourselves  The experience of the jewel of knowledge does not have a big sign on it saying that it is the first experience or that it is the beginning of track or the start of time  In fact, it is just the opposite  Incidents that yell loudly about being the beginning do so as a means of trickery and are never actually the first incident  Furthermore, you can't find jewel of knowledge experience by trying to find the first incident, there are just too many falsely labeled first ones  But once you do spot it, all of the "first" incidents always seem to be later  Another misleading factor, is that the jewel of knowledge is extremely complex  It is quite possibly the most complex thing we had ever had contact with  And our creations become simpler as we look earlier on the time track  So our expectation would be for the first incident to be very simple  And it's not, because it came from outside  

    The jewel of knowledge is an object in 17 or more dimensions  It had diamond like structure, but this extends in a huge number of directions and contains endless faces or facets  It is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting  We have a tremendous problem visualizing it because on of our little traps that we used on each other intentionally blocked our ability to visualize or perceive more than 3 dimensions  But even before we became blocked on many dimensional structures, the jewel was really too complex for a new innocent being to grasp as a whole  It was intentionally created that way so that we wouldn't simply digest it quickly and then look around for more interesting creations made by the other beings  The jewel was divided into chambers and we went through each chamber sequentially  Each chamber explained something that was interesting and useful to a new being, and most of the data was correct  Only very slyly and subtly did they work in misleading information that predisposed us towards conflict and entrapment  For there was no way to force us to swallow the jewel, we could only be coaxed into accepting it all by a great show of true knowledge and beauty  There is no language in the experience of the jewel  We did not have any at that time and they certainly would not teach us one for that would have prejudiced out thinking far too much  Instead, it is all demonstrations using very simple objects  These were simple squares, triangles, circles etc with many dimensions  We refer to a three dimensional square as a cube and a four dimensional square is called a tesseract by the mathematicians but we lack good words for seven or eight dimensional versions of this shape  However, an eight dimensional square is still a simple abstract object that would not impart very much of a bias into our own creations   

    The jewel's chambers also never show anything that looks like bodies or people  They use nebulous clouds or points of light to represent other beings in the chambers that deal with the interactions of beings  The demonstrations are generally very simple  For example, one of the early chambers demonstrates how to perceive an object  Looking at things with only one eye open is adequate for a flat two dimensional view but true depth perceptions in three dimensions is best done with two eyes  In a similar manner, looking at a 7 dimensional cube is best done by looking at it from 6 points simultaneously  They don't tell you this, instead they show you  It begins with the vague impression of an object in front of you  Then you feel yourself drawn into putting out more and more points from which to view the object  When you finally get six unique viewpoints (and they mustn't be in the same plane), the object suddenly becomes very real and there is a satisfying feeling  Then they have you put out even more view points and the object becomes thin and unsatisfying again  So you learn to synchronize the number of viewpoints that you use with the dimensions of the object that you are viewing  Many chambers are interesting and helpful in this manner  But a few of them are misleading and treacherous  For example, one of the chambers shows many "beings" participating in creating a collection of a objects that are moving around in harmony  The sensation is very pleasant  Then one of the beings begins working contrary to the efforts of the others and the sensation is unpleasant , the harmony is destroyed  So the other beings gang up on the disagreeable one and force him back into agreement and the sensation becomes pleasant again  It is actually a false idea, that predisposes you to beating up on anybody who is different and implanting people to force them into agreement  

    When we finished going through all of the chambers, we were left with the idea that it is necessary to control and trap others  We were also given the idea that we now had to build something of our own in exchange for the jewel before we had a right to look at any more of of the older beings creations  But of course before we finished that, we had dug ourselves in so deeply and trapped ourselves so well that we had lost any hope of reaching outside and were launched on our decent into more and more complex traps of our own making

    \uncut\  "To best of my knowledge, there were only 10,000 individuals on the early track  My guess is that this is the number of separate pieces of theta that split of from the 'infinite' static and went through the Jewel of Knowledge independently of each other  Their only connection is that each one is part of the underlaying static and they all share the fact of having experienced the jewel  Each of these basic individuals was capable of assuming many identities simultaneously and being in many places at once  This total level of skill and ability is still available to us despite the fact that we have been heavily implanted and otherwise abberated into being located into one place and doing only one thing at the time  These individuals eventually divided many times and eventually become the trillions who inhabit this universe"  \cut\

    The following image is a subjective, approximate example of split-view point:


    Above  - "point based occlude"

    The general context and description is given in the "Cosmic History" (it's the text in the beginning of this chapter - admin)

    I have not been able to run this completely, not because of charge (this is no force on this) but on account of the difficulty of conceiving of it  Almost everything here was gotten by emeter assessment  I did not find these in order, and I have not found it possible just to scan through and pick these up in sequence  Trying that just gives me vague impression of things I can't seem to spot or grasp  Instead, I got these by occasionally having an idea such as "they probably told us something about how to perceive things", and then checking it on the meter  If I can get something reading, then it's possible to check other things about it and and once I get enough, then it becomes possible to scan through the incident within the particular chamber of the jewel  I think that it runs this way because it is way out gradient and I'm reaching past about 3 layers of other stuff to pry one of these out  Running this was not so much productive of case gain (and it never seemed never difficult to face up to or handle), but it was immensely revelatory as to the context of everything and what has happened to us  Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to run the entire thing, nor have I handled all the other stuff that's pilled on top of it  So at best, I only have a halfway view rather then a complete picture of our existence  Here I will list the chambers that I have run  They are numbered K1 on top (the numbers were gotten by meter assessment), but many are missing

    K1  - the 1st split viewpoint

    You enter the first facet and see a line  You feel that there is more out of sight  You keep shifting around and seeing different lines  You realize that there is something of vaster scope present but you can only perceive a single line of it at a time  You realize, that if you could view two different lines of it concurrently, you would know something  So you hold line fixed in view and try to look at another line simultaneously  In viewing the second line, you pull apart from yourself  Now you look through two different viewpoints simultaneously and by holding them both you find that you are able to perceive a surface (a plane)  Usually it is square, but you can see it as other things such as a triangle depending on how you shift the 2 viewpoints around (like seeing the intersection of a plane with cube at various angles)  You still feel that there is more to know, so you hold the plane steady and try to pull out and see more  You pull apart from yourself again and become 3 and see a 3D object  It is usually a cube, but again, it shifts various ways and you can tell that you are looking at different cubes etc that are part of a larger whole  Again you pull apart another viewpoint and see 4D, and again for 5D  This time it is very real and doesn't shift around  You are quite pleased at this and feel good  

    Then you try splitting further into 6 to see if there is any more  But the object is only 5 dimensional and all you see is a little thicknes in the 6th dimension  But in doing this, the object has become ghostly and unreal  This makes you sad (not really an emotion, but a bit of a feeling of loss and disappointment)  So you choose to forget the 6th viewpoint and pretend that the object is real  It becomes solid and you admire it for awhile, but you know there is nothing more to know and the sequence is at an end   So eventually you drift out of the facet and continue on to the next (later facets repeat this with a twist to lay in decisions on splitting, abandoning viewpoints, forgetting, and not-knowing)

    (this facet is aimed at experiencing the reality of the object  It uses the same number of split viewpoints as the number of dimensions being perceived, because the perception is by permeation rather than looking  There are later facets where you are taught how to look at something with one less viewpoint than the number of dimensions used in the object, just like we look at 3D space with only 2 eyes)    

    K2  - the need for agreement

    You enter the next facet  At first there is only a white nothingness (void)  You search for something to see but there is nothing  Then gradually you sense the presence of another being  You shify around untill you feel the nearness of one of his viewpoints  You shift over to that viewpoint and see a curved line  Although you only see a line, you realize that he is looking at a 5 dimensional object using 5 viewpoints  So you split out to 5 and try to see it, but you still only see the curved line  You realize that this is because only one of your viewpoints matches his  So you shift your viewpoints around until they overlay his 5 and 5 dimensional sphere appears  You like this, it is interesting and gives havingness  You experiment by shifting one of your viewpoints off of his and and the sphere looses a dimension and becomes hollow  This is a loss of havingness and you don't like the loss  So you shift back and it goes solid again and feels better  

    From this you learn that agreement is necessary 

    After a while you realize that nothing else is going to happen and you shift out of the facet and go on to the next

    K3  - duplicating others

    You sense another being  He mocks up a point and then extends a line from that point  He invites you to do the same  Eventually you do it and have a line  At first you don't put it in the same space as his line and therefore lose sight of his line when you mockup yours  You realize this, and mock it up again in the same space as his, and then you have both lines  He then divides and extends another line to make a flat square and invites you to do the same  Eventually you do  This is repeated with 3 and 4 dimensional objects until you're both mocking up 4D cubes  You gain havingness from your object, and the patterns of mocked up cubes are interesting  From this you see the need for following instructions and duplicating others

    K13  - the need for games

    This is done in 13 dimensional space with cube equivalents that have white and black sides and are numbered (like building blocks)  You move them around at random and it is uninteresting  You sort them into sequence and it is more fun  Note:  the numbering is done by having black dots on the cubes (like dice) rather than using symbols that represent quantities  

    K14  - the need for opponents

    (Like K13 above)  Now you are two groups of cubes in a 13D space  One set is white and the other is black  Each set is numbered, but the series are not identical (numbers are skipped in each of the two series)  You take one series and he takes the other and you race to see who can get them in order first  You see that this is more interesting than the previous game  

    K15  - the need to ensure the opponent

    Like K13 and K14  The opponent weakens and the game is less fun  So you encourage and help him

    K16  - the need to create an opponent  

    Like K13 to K15  This time there is no opponent  So you divide and part of you becomes the opponent  You see that this is necessary

    K22  - the need for barriers

    There is a sort of 7 dimensional cube with gaps and sockets etc  There are other objects that are to be fitted into the corresponding openings in the cube  You see another do this and it looks interesting  Then its your turn  But the objects drift through the walls and through each other  It is only fun if you make the different objects block each other  From this you learn to create barriers and solidity  

    K23  - encouraging agreement

    You enter a space with 4 others  You all mock up a 5 dimensional cube  It is pleasant havingness  One of the others slides out of agreement and the cube goes hollow  You wait  Some of the others encourage him to return  Eventually he comes back and the cube goes solid again and its nicer  Then it happens again  This time you work at encouraging the one who left to come back and agree  This works and the cube again becomes solid  Then you decide to go out of agreement and leave  You lose sight of the cube and only see a line  You feel the others encouraging you to return  So you come back and the cube is solid again  Then you all remain there for awhile holding the cube solid  It feels nice  From this you realize that it is necessary to encourage the agreement of others

    K24   - the need to agree on barriers

    This is a game like K22 but it is done with a 5D pyramid  But many people are playing (like K23)  You are all racing to push your objects into the sockets in the pyramid ahead of the others  But the game is not fun as long as your set of objects passes through of other peoples  So you all learn to make each other's objects solid so you can play the game

    K27  - the need to enforce agreement

    (this is one of the ones that got us into trouble  It could be called the "predisposition to implant others")

    This is done in many dimensioned space There are 14 dimensions which are not properly aligned  E.G. they are not at right angles to each other  Each dimensional anchor point is being mocked up by different beings  You are trying to align two 4 dimensional objects but can't get them all on the same axis untill all agree  You see that all of you are getting nowhere  So you agree with another to share your anchor points  Then the two of you have more than the others who are insisting on being individualistic  But they wouldn't change their minds  So you and one agreeing with you join forces to implant each of the others to make them go into agreement  You do this by taking hold of one of them and hold them in an object until they choose to agree to it  Since you block their perceptions and anchor points while you do this, eventually they do choose to agree  Since you outnumber them, any efforts they make to fight back fail  You do this to each of the others, taking them one at a time and adding them to your group (since it becomes larger, the process gets easier)  When all agree, the space condenses into a single definition which is pleasing  From this, you see the need to force others into agreement  

    (there are more variations on this in later chambers  One has many beings moving in harmony and when an individual goes out of agreement, it is unpleasant for all the others and you force him back  In another, there seem to be fake beings as well as real ones and you see that you only need the agreement of the real ones and can dispense with the fakes)

    K37  - sensation  

    There is a 4D object before you  It has 13 3D sides where each side is a 3D object  The 3D objects are square pyramids (4 sides plus a square base)  10 of the 3D objects are solid and 3 are hollow  You receive the intention that this is your form and that you are being encouraged to become it  So you choose to be the object to see what happens  Then a 4D energy beam comes in and bounces in and out of you (your multi-pyramid form)  It comes in via a hollow pyramid, ricochets off of the solid pyramids and then goes out via a hollow  Because there are 3 hollows, the beam is unbalanced and disorderly and you feel incomplete  Then another being in a form similar to yours comes out  The two of you align your hollow areas and project beams at each other and everything goes into a nice balance and feels pleasant and orderly  There is nice rhythm to it  You receive the idea that this is pleasure  Then the other object/being turns from you and goes out of alignment and the beam becomes all jagged and disorganized  You do not like this  You receive the intention that this is pain  Then the beams stop and the being leaves, going on to the next chamber  

    (note that there are no words in this, and I am assigning the words pleasure and pain here  But what is actually projected is just a sort of arbitrary intention which is then defined by the experience itself  It is more like somebody tapping it with a pointer and assigning a tag for later reference)

    K38  - pleasure is at other's expense

    You follow the other "pyramid being" from K37 into facet K38 which is a 6 dimensional space  You still have the "pyramid form" mocked up for yourself  The space contains a total of 14 of these multi-pyramid bodies including your own  Energy beams dance around, and you join in the exchange of beams  The beams are out of alignment and it is mildly unpleasant  Another 2 beings get into good alignment and begin experiencing "pleasure"  But this throws every body else's beams into worse alignment and you feel "pain"  So everyone else pushes the 2 back out of alignment  the you have the chance to go into alignment with another and you do so  It is pleasant, but you notice that everyone else is in pain again  You let them push you apart, and everyone including yourself goes back to the mildly unpleasant pattern  From this you realize that pleasure is achieved at the expense of other's pain

    K54  - the need for rules

    There 3 beings in a 7 dimensional space

    Two of them mock up an elaborate game with what see like spirals or helixes, rods and cones, energies and balls bouncing around  They play, engrossed and interested  The third being joins them and plays too  But he doesn't know the rules and invents his own and plays differently  The others become frustrated and begin altering the rules to suit themselves to keep up with the new player  The game becomes chaotic and falls to pieces  The players back off and see the results and feel unhappy  So they get together again, and this time they define the rules in terms of the spirals etc and build a mock up that shows these rules  Then they push copies of the rules into each other (sort of implanting) so you can see the rules within each of them  Now a 4th being arrives and is implanted with the rules before he can play  Now all proceeds well and all are "happy"  Then you join the game and since you have seen the need for rules, you allow the others to implant the rules within you 

    K?  - the need for players

    A many dimensional sphere is bounced back and forth between two teams (8 players each)  The game is pleasant  A player wanders off and then the game is less fun  Others wander off until there is nobody left but you  You sit there alone and bored  Then another group comes and joins you and begins to play  One of the players tires to leave, but the group holds him and forces him back into the game  Then the game becomes even more pleasant  that shows you that you have to force others to remain in the game

    Other facets:

    There are many others I have not run thoroughly but which I have gotten a bit of  Besides the ones mentioned above and in the Cosmic History, there also seems to be some that are as follows:
    -    the need for attention (i.e. "to be able to perceive, create etc", attention as "main underlayng ability (to be able to ...")

    /.   the need to win a game (a necessity to)

    .\   the need for duplication

    /.   the need for persistence

    .\   the need for admiration

    /.   the need for acknowledgement

    .\   the need do divide (incl to divide to be able to see, perceive yourself as mirror-reflection etc)

    /.   the idea that only one will survive (will win)

    One sequence shows you one big being becoming many many beings that compete and then the winner absorbs all the others  So everybody must fight to get ahead because only one will survive  Of course this is the false datum

    .\   the idea that when 2 terminals connect or communicate, one will be submissive and the other will be dominant

    /.   the idea that if you communicate too freely, you will connect to terminals who will dominate you

    .\   the idea that if you relate and/or communicate with others, you will not be unique

    Another subtle trap from the Jewel of Knowledge:  You have to keep separate from and out of communication with others in order to remain unique

    -    the need for attention
    /.   the idea that change is inevitable

    .\   the idea that change is necessary (needed)

    /.   the need to re-make an effort to make it more "beautiful" and/or appropriate

    .\   the need for an effort

    /.   minority must follow the ways & decisions of a (big) majority

    .\   the need to adapt yourself to the limitations & rules in order to perceive and/or communicate

    /.   the need to change someone

    .\   the need to convince someone 

    /.  quantity and majority rules (makes rules)

    .\  envy, jealousy?
    /.  the need to adapt, adjust, accommodate, conform, simulate others & their ways of acting, perceiving, etc
    .\  the need, requirement to re-peat (re-act) the actions, ways of others in order to peceive, understand their beingness, meaning, etc
    /.  a necesity, pre-requirement to change, adapt, leve behind your way's of creating, acting, expressing etc ito be able join, perceive, deal in an another and, or new existence, place
    .\  repeat, repetitipn, repeating circle (?), predisposition that if you learn, watch something, you must, needs repeat whats seen, experienced
    /.  predisposition, that you may degrade, decay when, while mocking up, copying ways of doing things, creating, manifesting etc of other being('s)
    .\  predisposition, that if you learn new things, ways, to "get it" of simple things, constructs is "easier", that of complex ones
        (adding) more dimensions makes the line (later cube) look more and more round (like sphere)

    The jewel of knowledge seems almost too silly and simpleminded  Only an innocent new being would swallow it so completely 

    Its power came exclusively from the fact that it was going into a complete vacuum of no data or experience

    I'm sure that there are more troublesome predispositions in this thing that I haven't yet spotted

    > By The Pilot (Ken Oggers, decodeq), "Super Scio"

    Below given images are a subjective 'example' of the events in the chambers of jewel of knowledge and is a mere suggestion of "how it may looked like"  Actual chamber's and objects could look and/or be perceived completely differently

    ^  - "Projections"

    ^  - point based color rendering

    FALSE JEWEL OF KNOWLEDGE, (implant, hypnotic suggestions)

    This is an early implant used in the Motion Universe (i.e. between the Games Universe and the Symbols Universe)  Although the individual had already been subject to the penalty universes and the treadmill (which added negative goals), all they had done was given him abberated ideas which he liked to mockup and dramatize  He did not really think that these things applied to him as a thetan  They really only impacted his mockups  He had trouble with things decaying or sliding downscale etc, but he had never agreed upon to let his horsepower be cut down  He had not yet been subject to the big splitter that would divide him into split viewpoints from which he would hit himself with compulsions (The Big Splitter, infinity > and pages 2 and 3 on this site)  It is quite possible that he would have been immune to the effects of it if such a thing have been done to him  Probably, anything that did force him to split would wear off after the implant and he would simply slide back to being himself (as happened with the splitter items in the penalty universes)  At this stage he was still immune to the effects of force  But he could be tricked and hit with counter-thought  He could easily be suckered into abberated logic, especially since the agreements universes had laid in a set of mis-aligned definitions that gave him a constant problem in logic  

    Also, he already had a button on the Jewel of Knowledge  The original jewel (long gone) was berely remembered and though of with a religious awe  Furthemore, a mockup of it was used in the penalty universes thereby adding a bit of a flinch and non-confront  This implant uses a mockup of the Jewel of Knowledge to deliver False Data and abberated logic  Based on this, the victim is tricked into agreeing to cut down his abilities  basically, he is talked into making himself weak and subject to various things and forgetting that he has done so for "very good reasons" (which are based on false data)  The false jewel is given as a prize for winning a game  The game is rigged but the individual thinks that he has gained something very valuable  Furthermore, the implant makes the victim to trick other victims into accepting the false jewel and into promoting how wonderful it is and what great gains are made from it  At the start, the false jewel moves into the individual Throughout the incident, it keeps flashing with a radioactive light that sems to spread completely through the victim  There is also a bit of an electrical crack to this flash  The initial items are a short variation of platen 1 (with the jewel flashing on each item)  The rest of the incident consists of laying in 64 abberated agreements  These follow the sequence of 64 penalty universes  First the jewel turns to present one of its facets (there are 64 facets) which then flashes  The radioactive flash conveys a "picture"  The "picture" is actually a little story (i.e., it is a 4 dimensional picture with a time component)  The story shows you some "basic truth" about the universe or whatever  The "Truth" will be some horrid idea such as all of us being the fragmented pieces of the Devil who was thrown out of heaven  

    The picture hits with a very heavy flow that makes you feel somewhat dazed  It is not really an energy impact type of somatics  It is more like being hit with an awful truth that destroys the foundations of your life  This is overwhelm on the counter- thought line  Coming with the picture is a strong intention that "this is absolute truth"  Normally you would just have tossed the idea away after a few minutes reflection, but in this case they get you while you are still dazed and non-confronting the "Truth"  At this point, the jewel asks you to agree that this datum is true (or else it will withdraw all of its knowledge from you)  So, still in shock, you agree that you believe it  Then the jewel shows you a chain of logic based on the false datum  The end point of this chain is to convince you that you must agree to something as a logical consequence to all this  Then the jewel gets you to make the agreement  Next, it gets you to agree to forget the "Truth" and hide the agreement from yourself because the truth is too horrible to remember (you are told that it would drive you insane if you knew it)  Then the jewel turns to the next facet and delivers there next false datum  The jewel here seems to be a 5 or 6 dimensional object  In 3 dimensions it appears as an 8 sided diamond (two 4 sided pyramids base to base) but really has 64 of these sides  The false datum is very loosely connected to the corresponding penalty universe (and its inversion) I.E., the false datum for "To Create" has something to do with creation and destruction  But there is no literal attempt to use the penalty universe terminal etc  However, they did draw on penalty universe mockups (all mixed up) for use in the scenery  

    The various false datums contradict each other, but this didn't matter since each one was forgotten before the next one was implanted  There are many later implants which lay in false data  This is especially common in implants which set up Control Entities (CEs)  The research on this is still incomplete, all the false datums have not yet been found, some may be assigned to the wrong goals, and some of the false datums may be from later implants  After adding the latest false datums to this list and having run a large number of CEs, it is began to seem like the bulk of the items were from the Ce building implant used in this and possibly earlier universes  So I began checking items to establish whether they were from the original false jewel or a later version  For those false datums where I managed to sort this out, the original is marked with a B (for basic) and the later false datum is marked with an L (for late)  It is also conceivable that the original false jewel was copied and reused all the way down the track or was modified and used with only slight variations  It seems like there were many false data implants to make worshipers or slaves or whatever so there is a lot of room for variations in the implants  Also, some of the later false data implants would not have used the jewel (but they were probably less effective)  Of course all implants are to some degree false data  Here we are emphasizing incidents where false data is the key button and was used to get agreement on abbreviated things  Spotting the original false jewel works extremely well when running CEs, so it is quite valid  


    a  - winning a game

    b  - being given the jewel and agreeing to accept it

    c  - the jewel flows into you

    Starting sequence (like platen 1):

    >> the jewel flashes in the center of your being on each of these items < <


































    Then the jewel turns to the first facet  To aid in running these, I have provided the penalty universe goal and its inversion (from the assessment list)  After it are listed the false datum and the abberated agreement  Note that these are actually quite complex pictures etc (and they don't necessarily use the penalty universe terminal)  This is only a quick summary to aid in spotting  Note! Items marked B are Basic items in the original false jewel and items marked L are later false datums

    16D   1.  To Create (statue)  :To Destroy (devil statue)

    B:  God created everything and we keep messing it up  So you agree that you must never create or destroy anything because its god's universe

             2.  To Mock Up (computer)  :To Unmock (energy mass)

    B:  When you mock up things, they cease to be under your control  So you agree that it is dangerous to mock up anything

    L:  If you could mock up real things in this universe, the ability would go out of control and you'd mock up all the things which you were afraid of and they'd get you  So you agree to keep your mockups from becoming real  

             3.  To Imagine (cartoon mouse)  :To Disillusion (vampire) 

    B:  There are terrible things beyond the third dimension that don't want you to see them and will attack you if you do  So you agree not to imagine anything beyond the third dimension  

    L:  If your imagination goes out of control, you will your worst fears  So you agree not to imagine anything

             4.  To Intensify (energy cloud)  :To Drain (black vortex)

    B:  When you fight back against something, it is intensified by your efforts to resist it  So you agree not to fight back 

    L:  If you think of something, it will get stronger and gain power over you  So you agree not to think about anything outside of normal reality

    15D   5.  To Manipulate (penguin banker)  :To Ruin (dragon)

    B:  The fates secretly manipulate your behavior and you can't do anything about it  So you agree not to take responsibility for anything because its not your fault

    L:  There are evil people who would manipulate society and for their own gain and bring harm  So you agree block anyone who tries to manipulate society

             6.  To Exchange (spirit broker)  :To Steal (raccoon)

    B:  You gave up your right to disagree in exchange for the chance to play in this game  So you agree not to disagree with the rules of the universe

    L:  You promised god service in exchange for life  So you agree to serve god always and obey the rules of his universe and not question anything

             7.  To Compete (coach, doll)  :To Cheat (skeleton)

    B;  If people compete, only one can win and the majority must lose  So you agree to lose the majority of the time

    L:  If you were strong, you would be selfish and evil forever  So you agree to stay weak  

             8.  To Play (chinese child)  :To Fool (joker)

    B:  Life is only a game and you exist here only as a playing piece  So you agree that it doesn't matter what you do or what happens to you since there is no higher purpose anyway

    L:  We are all one, so that when you lose to someone else, you have really won because you are them too  So you agree to lose often to help yourself win elsewhere

    14D   9.  To Know (2 headed dodo)  :To Mislead (gorilla pr)

    B:  When you knew the real truth, you chose to forget it for good reasons  So you agree not to try to know the real truth

    L:* If the people knew of this, it would destroy them  So you agree that you must prevent any attempts reveal this 

             10.  To Understand (chip munk)  :To Misunderstand (cripple)

    If something could be understood, you would understand it already  The only things really worth understanding belong to god and cannot be understood by you  Therefore, you agree not to try and understand anything because the effort would be worthless

             11.  To Absorb (greek hero)  :To Discard (amazon)  

    Beings are the coin of the universe and you can only gain strength and power by absorbing them  So you agree to try and absorb as many spirits as possible 

             12.  To Learn (gnome)  :To Forget

    If you learned of this, it would destroy the game  So you agree to forget this forever

    13D   13.  To Reason (clown)  :To Discombobulate (1 man band)

    The real reason for existence is to feed your soul to god  So you agree to let yourself be eaten when the time comes

             14.  To Orient (wire man)  :To Disorient (spinning top)

    If you were really oriented, you would see that this is all a sham and an illusion and all your havingness would be lost  So you agree to remain here and suffer with everyone else because its all your fault

             15.  To Guide (pilot)  :To Misdirect (scare crow)

    You were once a god and were supposed to guide everyone  But you failed and its your fault that everyone is stuck here now  So you agree to remain here and suffer with everyone else because its all your fault  

             16.  To Compute (toy bodies)  :To Confuse (zombie)

    You use the brain to think and perceive, therefore you agree to be unconscious whenever you are out of the body  

    12D   17.  To Engineer (lobster people)  :To Unstabilize (goon)

    The body was engineered as a spirit trap and you can't get out of it until you die  So you agree to accept death and die as soon as possible to get out of the trap  

             18.  To Construct (beavers)  :To Teardown (wreck crane)

    Everything new is constructed from the remnants of older masses and energies  So you agree that nothing can truly be created or destroyed  

             19.  To Structure (crystals)  :To Shatter (batman)

    The structure of this universe is such that objects are real and thought is unreal  So your thoughts cannot affect anything

             20.  To Build (snake people)  :To Wreck

    Matter was build by many beings in conjunction  So you agree that your postulates alone are not capable of affecting matter  

    11D   21.  To Shape (clay people)  :To Distort (walrus)

    You were shaped (created) from the postulates of others  So you agree that others postulates should affect you  

            22.  To Combine (Siamese twins)  :To Fragment (worms)

    Reality can only be mocked up or affected by group postulation  If you were alone you would have no universe  So you agree to combine with other beings and stick to them  

            23.  To Change (magician)  :To Implode (the sorceress)

    This universe is a constructed picture and you are only a figure painted in it by the master painter  You move and act as he needed to compose the painting  So you agree that you can affect nothing and cannot change, you must be as you are

            24.  To Align (bear people)  :To Revolt (black panther)

    Our attempts to be individuals and go our own way has brought us to this sorry fate  So you agree to align with god and follow his desires and put aside your own needs and wants

    10D  25.  To Purify (fire people)  :To Pervert (satyr)

    All your desires are impure, stemming from your coarse animal nature  So you agree to suppress all of your urges, desires, and goals to purify your soul

            26.  To Protect (ball of energy)  :To Hurt (silver ball)

    There are higher beings ("celestial police or angles or demigods") who are protecting you from extreme harm  So you agree to give them your loyalty and never question their methods

            27.  To Defend (little green man)  :To Attack (gorila soldier)

    The only real being in society which is god  We are only cells in its body  So you agree to defend society from aberrant ("cancerous") individuals who work against it

            28.  To Arbitrate (bull people)  :To Disagree (snake)

    We are all in an implant right now and this is just an item  So you agree that you cannot disagree with or alter reality because its not there to be altered (?)

    9D    29.  To Enhance (ghost people?)  :To Degrade (demon)

    This universe was constructed to tech you a lesson which you need desperately (i.e., to enhance you)  So you agree to get along with it and try to learn from it and not rebel or protest against anything that happens to you

            30.  To Invent (worker gnome)  :To Divest (troll)

    You are the only real person and you invented everyone else  So you agree to divide and put pieces of yourself on everyone else to keep them mocked up (or under control?)

            31.  To Beautify (fairy godmother?)  :To Make Ugly (old witch)

    All beauty stems from god  So you agree that you can create nothing except ugliness on your own

            32.  To Inspire (mouse)  :To Occlude (mesmerist)

    Only divine inspiration can bring about beauty  This inspiration is whispered to the great artists, it really comes from god  So you agree to listen to and obey any whispers appear in your mind  because they are divine inspiration

    8D    33.  To Convert (reptile-fish man)  :To Disabuse (jackal)

    The people will kill anyone who tries to help them  So you agree not to try to help anyone else

            34.  To Connect (female angel)  :To Disconnect (spider woman)

    We're all pieces of Satan who rebelled against the god and looked at the Jewel of Knowledge which was forbidden and was punished by being fragmented and sent here  So you agree that we all deserve to be punished and should suffer our fate gladly  

            35.  To Worship (knights)  :To Profane (monk)

    We were created for the sole purpose of worshiping god and that worship consists of taking on his suffering  So you agree to devote yourself to suffering for god and accept all suffering without protest 

            36.  To Enlighten (rabbit preacher)  :To Obscure (smog monster)

    The real truth is so horrible that it would drive you mad so you agree that you must forget it  

    7D    37.  To Predetermine (soothsayer)  :To Randomize (3-head griffin)
    The entire history of the universe was predetermined during its creation  So you agree to follow the course laid out for you and not try to change anything
            38.  To Permeate (theta body)  :To Dissolve (blop, anoeba)
    The divine light permeates everything and it is the only source of true energy  So you agree that you cannot create any energy yourself but instead depend on an outside source
            39.  To Collect (elves, fairies)  :To Reject (wolfman)
    You see that we all spring from the same eternal source and must become one again  So you agree to stick to other beings and try to merge with them 
            40.  To Influence (cupid)  :To Corrupt (hunchback)
    If left uncontrolled, the people will work against each other  So you agree to push part of yourself into others to influence them to work together
    6D    41.  To Solidify (pan-goat god)  :To Not-is (invisible mas)
    All matter consists of decayed beings  So you agree that matter can affect you
            42.  To Locate (leprechaun)  :To Misplace (criket)
    Each being has a unique location,  a viewpoint,  bestowed by god  This is where you do all of your thinking and where you perceive from  Two separate locations would be two separate individuals  So you agree that you cannot be in two places at once 
            43.  To Gather (spacesuit body)  :To Abandon (hobo/tramp)
    Our souls are all gathered by god when we die so you agree to give up all identity when you lose the body
            44.  To Energize (thought circle)  :To Shock (electric man)
    The soul can be energized by self sacrifice  So you agree to sacrifice parts of yourself for the common good
    5D    45.  To Discover (centaurs)  :To Hide (slime monster)
    This is the only universe there is, so you agree that discovering anything outside of this universe could only be a hallucination
            46.  To Care For (bird girl)  :To Torture (devil pincers)
    The only possible thing that make people content and happy is to merge with god  So you agree to care for others by helping them to accept god and not rebel no matter how great their suffering
            47.  To Heal (guardian spirit)  :To Infect (germ colony)
            48.  To Grow (genetic entity)  :To Rot (fungus creature)
            49.  To Establish (cyclops)  :?
    You see that society is conscious entity and individuals are only cells in that consciousness and are unimportant  So you agree that you must control others for the sake of society
            50.  To Expand (mouse RR engr)  :To Contract

    ^  - 17 Prime Limit Tonality Diamond (with ratios of 9 and 15 included)

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