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                                                                                                                    OLD UNIVERSE EMPIRE
    A parallel universe exists which is referred to as the "Old Universe"  This universe exists in its own time line  The events, that occurred in the Old Universe were very influential to the development of our universe 

    The civilization, that existed in the Old Universe was called the Empire

    The Empire controlled almost entire universe and was extremely evil  In order to complete the capture of the entire universe the scientists of that civilization created entities called Mind Eaters  The Mind Eater was a geoplasmic energetic entity that attached itself to the physical brain and auric energies of the being it invaded, removing the being's thought patterns and replacing it with new Empiric programming

    The scientists released these entities into unconquered worlds and also used them to program their own people  Imagine their shock, when they realized, that these entities could multiply themselves  When a Mind Eater absorbed a certain amount of energy it split into two separate entities  Eventually the Mind Eaters became uncontrollable and started feeding on their own creators, the Old Universe's form of A.I.D.S

    Over a period of centuries there was virtually no life left in the Old Universe except for the Mind Eaters  The only escape from them was physical death  A small band of survivors within the emperor's court, or inner circle, created technology, that allowed the survivors to physically transport to another universe, escaping both death and the Mind Eaters  Unfortunately the band of survivors entered this universe during the time of the Lyrean (Lyra Vega - admin) civilization 
    This is the only way that DNA from another universe physically manifests in an alternate universe, otherwise, there is no physical link
    \cut\   (from Stewart Swerdlow book "Blue Blood, True Blood")

    SS: Old in terms of time and space, or are we talking about parallel universe?

    PN: It seems to me, it's a  parallel universe thing  The legend base esentially that a long time ago there was a parallel universe  Probably most of mankind was in that old universe  It evolved into totally despotic form of government that took hold and held for millenniums, which is essentially what the One World Government has here  They will be starling up a despotic form of government and through their technology base they're able to hold the population pretty much the way the mind control here is heading  And what happened was a small rebel group that were fighting this, and the fight continued  It went on and on and on just as in Star Wars

    But somewhere along the line another group of beings entered the old universe  They came in and did something terrible  The legend has it that they were a life form, essentially ape-mind energy of sentient beings, but they would suck life energy out of you  They came in and there was nothing they could do to stop them  At that point a small group of what was left put all of the technology that they had into breaking the dimensional barrier and broke into this universe, but sealed the hole up enough so that this other life form could not come into this universe  There have been suggestions at Montauk that they were trying to bring this other life form in  We have very little data to back that up at all  This is pure legend at this point
    \cut\  (from interview with Preston Nichols)

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    DAL universe comes into contact with DARN universe at the 7th outer belt of Creation ?

    (materials in preparation - admin)

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