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    Looking into one's own mind's, to find what one thinks and feels  The idea that this process is rather like that of perception, only turned inwards, is rejected by most current philosophers of mind's  Instead of perceiving what one's thinks and feels, the process is probably better thought of in terms of wondering what to say, or rehearsing a narrative that could be made public: 

    "How do I know what I think until I hear what I say?

    Introspection is self-observation and reporting of conscious inner thetas (thoughts), desires and sensations  It is a conscious (not-know) mental and usually purposive process relying on thinking, reasoning, and examining one's own thoughts, feelings, and, in more spiritual cases, one's soul (spot, that there were,are -also- soul constructs of enslavement)
    It can also be called contemplation of one's self, and is contrasted with extrospection, the observation of things external of one's self  Introspection may be used synonymously with self-reflection and used in similar ways

    Introspective - given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences 

    Drawing  - Jules Feiffer

    (materials in preparation - admin)

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