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    5. The Adam Ra [theadamra]   (18.12.2014 19:00) E-mail
    So, Alessandro,where will you be after graduating from planet earth?

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    4. alessandro m.   (18.03.2014 23:01) E-mail
    hello,ready to graduate from planet earth ? biggrin

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    3. skater4life   (12.03.2013 02:59) E-mail
    Hi. I stumbled upon your site while searching for "decoder symbol" in google for my university work biggrin . I have no idea what this site is all about.But I noted the address down and will check it again when I remember about it.

    I wish anyone reading this good luck and happiness whoever you are and wherever you are.
    Life is a skate park. You skate, you love, you fail, you fall, you laugh, you live.

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    2. Bruce D.   (13.12.2012 06:28) E-mail
    Hi Iris,
    I would like to make contact with you to say hello. I did not see your e-mail address posted.
    Best wishes,
    Bruce D,

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    1. iris schuberth   (24.08.2011 23:45) E-mail
    biggrin thank you superp website i know the pilots material
    ron hubbards material l.kins material and live by it
    the only thing i am missing is a friend you can hold some intelligent communication on the phone
    itraveld through the world was reading 1000 ends of metaphysical books till i found rons older teachings
    i am 62 now live in kansas usa born in germany
    i have skype so if somebody likes to give me a call to hear a sound my tel. 785 579 6688 also speak if you use not skype on my answering machine then i pick up or write me an e-mail i call you my kind regards iris schuberth


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