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    IMMORTALITY, Self-Definition

    \uncut\  "Immortal Spiritual Beings", which I refer to as "IS-BEs", for the sake of convenience, are the source and creators of illusions  Each one, individually and collectively, in their original, unfettered state of being, are an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing entity  IS-BEs create space by imagining a location  The intervening distance between themselves and the imagined location is what we call space  An IS-BE can perceive the space and objects created by other IS-BEs  IS-BEs are not physical universe entities  They are a source of energy and illusion  IS-BEs are not located in space or time, but can create space, place particles in space, create energy and shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms  Any form that is animated by an IS-BE is called life  An IS-BE can decide to agree that they are located in space or time, and that they, themselves, are an object, or any other manner of illusion created by themselves or another or other IS-BEs  The disadvantage of creating of illusion is that an illusion must be continually created  If not continually created, it disappears  Continual creation of an illusion requires incessant attention to every detail of the illusion in order to sustain it  A common denominator of IS-BEs seems to be the desire to avoid boredom  A spirit only, without interaction with other IS-BEs, and the unpredictable motion, drama, and unanticipated intentions and illusions being created by other IS-BEs, is easily bored What if you could imagine anything, perceive everything, and cause anything to happen, at will?  What if you couldn't do anything else?  What if you always knew the outcome of every game and the answer to every question?  Would you get bored?  The entire back time track of IS-BEs is immeasurable, nearly infinite in terms of physical universe time  There is no measurable "beginning" or an "end" for an IS-BE They simply exist in an everlasting now  Another common denominator of IS-BEs is that admiration of one's own illusions by others is very desirable  If the desired admiration is not forthcoming, the IS-BE will keep creating the illusion in an attempt to get admiration  One could say that the entire physical universe is made of unadmired illusions  The origins of this universe began when with the creation of individual, illusionary spaces  These were the "home" of the IS-BE  Sometimes a universe is collaborative creation of illusions by two or more IS-BEs  A proliferation of IS-BEs, and the universes they create, sometimes collide or become comingled or merge to an extent that many IS-BEs in the co-creation of a universe  IS-BEs diminish their ability in order to have a game to play  IS-BEs think that any game is better than no game  They will endure pain, suffering, stupidity, privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable conditions, just to play the game  Pretending, that one does not know all, see all and cause all, is a way to create conditions necessary for playing the game: unknowns, freedoms, barriers and/or opponents and goals  Ultimately, playing a game solves the problem of boredom  In this fashion, all of the space, galaxies, suns, planets and physical phenomena of this universe, including life forms, places, and events that have been created by IS-BEs and sustained by mutual agreements that these things exists There are as many universes as there are IS-BEs to imagine, build and perceive them, each existing concurrently within its own continuum  Each universe is created using its own, unique set of rules, as imagined, altered, preserved or destroyed by one or more IS-BEs who created it  Time, energy, objects and space, as defined in terms of the physical universe, may or may not exist in other universes  The Domain exists in such a universe, as well as in the physical universe  One of the rules in the physical universe is that the energy can be created, but not destroyed  So, the universe will keep expanding as long as IS-BEs keep adding more new energy into it  It is nearly infinite  It is like an automobile assembly line that never stops running and none of the cars are ever destroyed  Every IS-BE is basically good  Therefore, an IS-BE does not enjoy doing things to other IS-BEs which they themselves do not want to experience For an IS-BE there is no inherent standart for what is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful  These ideas are all based on the opinion of each individual IS-BE  The closest concept that human beings have to describe an IS-BE is as a god: all-knowing, all-powerful, infinite  So, how does god stop being a god? They pretend NOT to know  How can you play a game of "hide and seek" when you always know where the other person is hiding?  You pretend NOT to know where the other players are hiding, so you can go off to "seek" them  This is how games are created You have forgotten that you are just "pretending"  In so doing, IS-BEs became entrapped and enslaved inside a maze of their own devising  How does one create a cage, lock one's own self inside the cage, throw away the key, and forget there is a key and a cage, and forget there is an "inside" and "outside", and even forget there is a a self?  Create the illusion  On Earth, the propaganda taught and agreed upon is that the gods are responsible, and that the human beings are not responsible  You are taught that only a god can create universes  So, reponsibility for every action is assigned to another IS-BE or god  Never oneself  No human being ever assumes personal responsibility for the fact that they, themselves - individually and collectively - are gods  This fact alone is the source of entrapment for every IS-BE  \cut\

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