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    Adding materials

    Well, it's been a while, since I've started to research decoding materials and files, concerning Solar and Earth planet copy (Teegeak) here, so quite a lot of files (mostly original, with just some "slippery" comments from the admin) are already presented  As it may seem for some, and that's obvious too, picking materials and 'infusing' them into the site gets a bit complicated for a simple reason - there are different sources for the same topics, so how to pick them and what to prefer?

    Concerning preferences, reliability is the criteria, and it is the way, mainly, how the materials are chosen  Not to mention other reasons, like usability, practical application, etc  But that's on the way, so expect some surprises pretty soon - and concerning topics, and concerning the materials themselves - we have started interesting place, where you can shake of yourself many unnecessary things and abberations, that seem to be "invisible" and annoying for a "long time" already 

    That's, how it goes, with a bit of luck ): which is, by the way, yours too



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    1 Charles   [Entry]
    I found your website whilst looking for images to add to my writeup. I am on my 3rd run through auditing the penalty universes with continuous wins/cognitions but no final EP (end phenomena) yet. Very well done on creating this site!

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